Nicest bathrooms in NYC

I had drinks with my friends Ridge and Megan last week at The Bryant Park Grill and had to use the restroom. I was a little surprised that we were directed to use the outdoor “public restroom”. Really?! This nice restaurant that’s making us pay $35 for a pitcher of margaritas is going to make us use the PUBLIC restroom?!

Well, to my surprise, what a lovely public restroom it was. Fresh flowers, marble countertops, Acelerator hand dryers (you know, the ones that dry your hands at 3Gs) and self-cleaning toilet seats! But Ridge was amused by the sign that said, “No laundering of clothes”.

So, if you’re ever in mid-town in the Bryant Park area and nature calls, use the public facilities. I promise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well!


2 responses to “Nicest bathrooms in NYC

  1. My husband work right by the park, so I’ve never had to use them. Good to hear that they are worthy of a stop.

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