What an effing week of commuting hell!


I’m on the 8:37 on a Friday night trying to get home. But we’re currently stopped on the tacks due to “a smoke condition in the tunnel”. Yesterday, a 30-minute morning commute turned into a 3-hour ordeal because our train got stuck in the tunnel because of loss of power in the tunnel (people stayed relatively calm given the fact that it was a packed train and there was no air-conditioning). The night before THAT, I attempted to take the 8:37 train home, but when I got to Penn there was a big, fat CANCELLED splashed on the monitor next to that train. And the night before THAT, I missed the 7:37 going home by 2 minutes and had to sit at Penn station for an hour for the next train (I did get to catch up on some reading though!).

I’m spent. And so happy the first Friday of fall is finally upon us! Enjoy the weekend everyone and here’s to hoping next week’s commute is better than this one! 🙂


One response to “What an effing week of commuting hell!

  1. Oh Jeez. I’m so sorry you got stuck in some of the madness that was commuting this week. My husband usually takes the train that got stuck for three hours, but luckily he had an early meeting and had to leave an hour earlier. Here’s hoping that next week is as seamless as this week was just gross.

    ps: Love that you bother to put a silver lining in there about the reading. It warms my English teacher heart.

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