Nothing worse…


…than 30 mins of pleated khakis first thing in the morning.


5 responses to “Nothing worse…

  1. Haha! I almost fell asleep looking at the photo. The pants equivalent of watching paint dry..

    • commutefromhell

      When are they going to stop making those pants?! When men turn a certain age, they think those pants give them shape. Like I said, nothing worse…

  2. I am considering a move to Bloomfield. I hear there is a Jitney from the train station, but have been unable to find a schedule on line. Can you assist? Thanks

    • commutefromhell

      Hi Vicki,

      You should check out the Bloomfield town site. From what I remember it listed the sked for the jitney. There are 2 buses now–one for the south end and one for the north end. I haven’t rode on the south for for awhile so I’m not sure whether or not they charge for rides (the Glen Ridge jitney currently charges a fee). I’ll see if I can post a direct link for you. Happy house hunting!

    • commutefromhell

      Found this on the site:

      Shuttle Bus

      The Bloomfield Shuttle Bus has been designed to pick up commuters and transport them to the newly renovated Bloomfield Station located on Lackawanna Place. The new Bloomfield Station is a stop on NJ Transit’s Montclair-Boonton Line which enables commuters a direct trip to many destinations such as Hoboken and New York.

      Our shuttles run Monday through Friday (except major holidays), on a fixed route. There are several runs in the morning beginning at 5:00AM to 9:00AM and several in the evening starting at 5:00PM to 9:30PM.

      In an attempt to better meet the needs of Bloomfield’s shuttle bus riders, the recreation department has slightly adjusted the fare schedule for its shuttle bus program. The new pass system will allow riders to purchase a 50 ride pass for $25.00. This new pass system will allow riders to use their pass anytime throughout the year; they are no longer limited to a monthly pass.

      This new pass system will begin on Tuesday, September 7, 2010. After that date you must present your personalized pass to our drivers upon boarding the Bloomfield Shuttle and they will “punch” your ticket accordingly. If your pass is running low, you can come to the Civic Center during normal registration hours to purchase another pass.

      Shuttle Bus Passes go on sale on starting August 2, 2010. A monthly pass can be purchased at the Bloomfield Civic Center, 84 Broad St, Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM or Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:30PM. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or money order. Checks or money orders can be made payable to “The Bloomfield Recreation Department.”

      Montgomery & Rowe Street Schedule
      Updated April 1, 2012

      (H) Hoboken (M) Manhattan


      Route # 1
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 5:20AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 5:24AM
      Bloomfield Station 5:31AM
      (H) Train Departs 5:36AM
      Route # 2
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:00AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:04AM
      Bloomfield Station 6:09AM
      (H) Train Departs 6:15AM
      Route # 3
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:29AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:33AM
      Bloomfield Station 6:40AM
      (H) Train Departs 6:49AM
      Route # 4
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 6:52AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:55AM
      Bloomfield Station 7:03AM
      (M) Train Departs 7:08AM
      (H) Train Departs 7:17AM
      Route # 5
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 7:20AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:25AM
      Bloomfield Station 7:32AM
      (M) Train Departs 7:48AM
      (H) Train Departs 7:56AM
      Route # 6
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 8:06AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 8:10AM
      Bloomfield Station 8:16AM
      (M) Train Departs 8:27AM
      (H) Train Departs 8:37AM
      Route # 7
      Belleville Ave/Smith Street 8:57AM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 9:01AM
      Bloomfield Station 9:07AM
      (M) Train Departs 9:18AM
      Route # 8
      (h) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 5:10PM
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 5:21PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 5:27PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 5:34PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 5:38PM
      Route # 9
      (H) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 5:50PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 5:56PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:03PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 6:07PM
      Route # 10
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 6:15PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 6:20PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 6:27PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 6:31PM
      Route # 11
      (H) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 6:40PM
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 6:49PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 6:54PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:00PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 7:04PM
      Route # 12
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 7:24PM
      (H) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 7:42PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 7:46PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 7:52PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 7:56PM
      Route # 13
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 8:04PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 8:10PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 8:17PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 8:21PM
      Route # 14
      (M) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 9:04PM
      (H) Train Arrives at Bloomfield Station 9:20PM
      Bus Departs Bloomfield Station 9:25PM
      Montgomery Street/Rowe St 9:32PM
      Belleville Ave/Davey St 9:34PM

      Broad Street Schedule
      Updated November 6, 2011

      (H) Hoboken (M) Manhattan


      ROUTE # 1

      West Passaic Ave/ High St 5:46AM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 5:47AM
      Broad St/Parkview Dr 5:49AM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 5:52AM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 5:54AM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 5:56AM
      Broad St/Vernon terr 5:59AM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 6:00AM
      Broad St/James St 6:01AM
      Braod St/State St 6:03AM
      Broad St/Park St 6:05AM
      Bloomfield Train Station :608AM
      (M) Train Departs 6:15AM

      ROUTE # 2

      West Passaic Ave/ High St 6:40AM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 6:41AM
      Broad St/Parkview Dr 6:43AM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 6:46AM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 6:48AM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 6:50AM
      Broad St/Vernon terr 6:53AM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 6:54AM
      Broad St/James St 6:55AM
      Braod St/State St 6:57AM
      Broad St/Park St 6:59AM
      Bloomfield Train Station 7:02AM
      (M) Train Departs 7:08AM
      (H) Train Departs 7:16AM

      ROUTE # 3

      West Passaic Ave/ High St 7:19AM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 7:20AM
      Broad St/Parkview Dr 7:22AM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 7:24AM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 7:27AM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 7:29AM
      Broad St/Vernon terr 7:32AM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 7:33AM
      Broad St/James St 7:34AM
      Braod St/State St 7:36AM
      Broad St/Park St 7:38AM
      Bloomfield Train Station 7:41AM
      (M) train Departs 7:48AM
      (H) Train Departs 7:52AM

      ROUTE # 4

      West Passaic Ave/ High St 8:00AM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 8:01AM
      Broad St/Parkview Dr 8:03AM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 8:06AM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 8:08AM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 8:10AM
      Broad St/Vernon terr 8:13AM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 8:14AM
      Broad St/James St 8:15AM
      Braod St/State St 8:17AM
      Broad St/Park St 8:19AM
      Bloomfield Train Station 8:22AM
      (M) Train Departs 8:27AM
      (H) Train Departs 8:37AM

      ROUTE # 5

      (H) Train Arrives 5:10PM
      (M) Train Arrives 5:21PM
      Depart Bloomfield Train Station 5:25PM
      Broad St/Park St 5:28PM
      Broad St/State St 5:30PM
      Broad St/James St 5:32PM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 5:33PM
      Broad St/Vernon Terr 5:34PM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 5:37PM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 5:39PM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 5:41PM
      Broad St/ Parkview Dr 5:44PM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 5:46PM
      West Passaic Ave/High St 5:47PM

      ROUTE # 6

      (M) Train Arrives 6:15PM
      Depart Bloomfield Train Station 6:20PM
      Broad St/Park St 6:23PM
      Broad St/State St 6:25PM
      Broad St/James St 6:27PM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 6:28PM
      Broad St/Vernon Terr 6:29PM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 6:32PM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 6:34PM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 6:36PM
      Broad St/ Parkview Dr 6:39PM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 6:41PM
      West Passaic Ave/High St 6:42PM

      ROUTE # 7

      (M) Train Arrives 7:24PM
      (H) Train Arrives 7:42PM
      Depart Bloomfield Train Station 7:46PM
      Broad St/Park St 7:49PM
      Broad St/State St 7:51PM
      Broad St/James St 7:53PM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 7:54PM
      Broad St/Vernon Terr 7:55PM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 7:58PM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 8:00PM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 8:02PM
      Broad St/ Parkview Dr 8:05PM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 8:07PM
      West Passaic Ave/High St 8:08PM

      ROUTE # 8

      (M) Train Arrives 8:04PM
      Depart Bloomfield Train Station 8:15PM
      Broad St/Park St 8:18PM
      Broad St/State St 8:20PM
      Broad St/James St 8:22PM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 8:23PM
      Broad St/Vernon Terr 8:24PM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 8:27PM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 8:29PM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 8:31PM
      Broad St/ Parkview Dr 8:34PM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 8:36PM
      West Passaic Ave/High St 8:37PM

      ROUTE # 9

      (M) Train Arrives 9:04PM
      (H) Train Arrives 9:20PM
      Depart Bloomfield Train Station 9:25PM
      Broad St/Park St 9:28PM
      Broad St/State St 9:30PM
      Broad St/James St 9:32PM
      Broad St/Baldwin St 9:33PM
      Broad St/Vernon Terr 9:34PM
      Broad St/Glen Ridge Prkwy 9:37PM
      Broad St/Sunset Ave 9:39PM
      Broad St/Donna Dr 9:41PM
      Broad St/ Parkview Dr 9:44PM
      West Passaic Ave/Garrabrant Ave 9:46PM
      West Passaic Ave/High St 9:47PM

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