It’s a case! It’s a wallet!


On my way home, as I’m sitting on the 6:18, I get a tap on my shoulder. I look up and this young kid asks me about my phone case. It has a little pocket on the back where I keep my train ticket. It’s the best because I always have my phone out so when the conductor comes around checking tickets, I just turn my phone over and whip out my ticket.

So after a quick conversation with this guy about my case, he shows me his phone case. It was similar to mine but way better! It also holds a train ticket in the back, but it has an opening so you can easily slide the ticket in and out. And it’s a hard case too. Anyway, the reason I’m blogging about it is because he and his friends are selling these phone cases and I think every commuter needs one! It’s the best invention since sliced bread! It’s so convenient to have your ticket in your hand so there’s no need to scramble for your ticket in your purse or your pants pocket when the conductor yells, “All tickets out please!”

So go check out and buy one. Heck, buy multiples so you can give them away as gifts to fellow commuters! AND to make it even better, he told me that they’ll be offering them in fun colors soon! So get yours!


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