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Seat savers

How do you feel about saving seats on a very crowded morning train? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Normally, it’s fine if there are plenty ‘o seats but when there are only middle seats left on the 8:27 and its snowing out and you’re cranky from not getting enough sleep from the night before, right now I’m NOT loving the person that just told me I couldn’t have that empty seat because he was saving it for a friend (who was supposedly “right behind me”). I just walked away and muttered under my breath, “Really?” and took a middle seat. Boo.

But do I have dibs on that seat because I was there first? I mean, I got to the train doors first and boarded first so should I be cranky because I didn’t get that seat? Or should I just relax and be fine squished in my middle seat? Each seat costs $6.25 but you should get a discount for the middle seats especially if you get stuck next to someone that insists on conducting business on the phone first thing!


Not cool

My friend and fellow commuter, Melanie, just posted this on FB:

“Great way to start the morning commute: staring at a photo of a bombed-out train. Thanks NJT.”

Exactly. Thanks NJT for the very disturbing visual!

Gap rap

My friend Krista rides the LIRR and she posted “Did the LIRR really need to make a rap video about watching the gap??” So of course, I had to look it up. And here it is:

Too much? Too corny? Catchy? Maybe if NJTransit thought about their own “Gap Rap” that guy that I watched fall into the gap a few weeks ago could’ve been saved!

Feeling sick or just being an a-hole?

Courtesy of my friend Griffin who rides the Metro-North….

$169?! WTF??

Yes, NJTransit is screwing us again and is increasing fares beginning May 1st. Someone is suggesting a boycott of the trains that day, but how realistic is that? I stll hate DeCamp and only patronize them in emergencies (see previous posts).

Just like with every rate hike, I don’t say a word and keep payin’ up!

More $$, Less service?!?

Doesn’t make sense to me either!

NJTransit is proposing rate hikes but they’re decreasing service at the same time. I don’t get it. How do you expect me to cough up MORE money for service that’s 75% reliable and faulty at best? And on top of that, you’re going to reduce the amount of trains? That’s what my husband calls “new math”.

I LOVE the train and know I’m going to end up paying the extra money each month but I don’t have to be happy about it, do I?!?

What the pluck?!

Oh man, I want to take a picture of this woman across the aisle from me on the 7:37 but it’ll be too obvious. So this post sans photo will have to do. Anyway, she’s freakin’ plucking her eyebrows! Yes, it’s not as bad as clipping her fingernails, but still!! You should NOT groom yourself on the train!! You don’t see me flossing or brushing my teeth do you??

Here, a list of DON’Ts for commuters that don’t know any better:

clip your fingernails or toenails or anything else that can fly into my coffee cup

put a full face of makeup on. A touch up of gloss–yes. Shu Umura lash curler, mascara, air brush foundation–no.

apply nail polish. People don’t understand how toxic this is on a crowded train.

brush your hair while someone is sitting next to you. I really don’t want strands of your long curly hair falling into my lap or in my purse.

file your nails (see clipping nails comment)

wear super-pungent cologne, purfume (or like the woman on the 8:27am train) incense. Spray into the air and walk into the mist–good. Soaking in a tub of Draakar Noir–not good.

smoke right before you get on the train. I love the ones that walk up to the train doors with cig in hand and take a loooooong drag right before boarding. So to make sure their nicotine-buzz will last the 30-minute ride into the city. But they don’t realize that the person sitting next to them will have to deal with the reek for 30 minutes!

That’s the short list. Feel free to add to the list. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some!