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It’s a new year

Happy belated 2015, commuters! It’s been 2 years since I last posted something but it’s a new year and still the same commute so I figured why not start up again?? (But if you follow me over on Twitter, I’ve been actively and steadily complainy there!)

An update since my last post in 2013…
• still live in Bloomfield
• changed jobs (still commute to the same exact building, just to a different floor)
• try to WALK more often to my office on 50th and 6th from Penn now instead of taking the 1 (weather permitting)
• have a son that now attends college (albeit currently taking “some time off”)
• have one less organ (donated my left kidney to my dad in November of 2013)

Besides that, it’s the same ole, same ole. NJTransit sucks 80% of the time and I try not to complain 90% of the time!

Anyway, I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying your commute. I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing more of my posts this year!

Happy commuting!