Put down your phones 

Last night I was crossing a side street by the train station and as I was 1/3 of the way across, I see this car pull up to the crosswalk pretty fast as if he didn’t see me. He stopped suddenly before he was about to hit me and I look up at him and he’s got his iPhone in his hand. He threw up his hands and mouthed “I’m sorry!” and I continued unharmed across the street. 

People: PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES WHILE YOU DRIVE especially at night! I can’t believe people still do it.
As a commuter and someone that’s walked back and forth to the train station countless times, I can say that drivers don’t really respect pedestrians. They see us as a nuisance and as a roadblock that’s impeding them from getting to where they want to go.
Note: it takes a pedestrian only about 4 to 6 SECONDS to cross a street, yet that’s just too long to wait for some drivers. 
Please drive (and walk!) safely out there and put your phones down when you drive!

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