Thanks, Governor!


So per my favorite network, Clever Commute says that Gov. Christie is finally giving us something for free!

Starting tomorrow, Friday November 9th, there will be a FREE shuttle bus service between Bay Street, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield Avenue stations and Weehawken Ferry Terminal. And FREE ferry service between Weehawken and Pier 79 at West 39th Street in Manhattan (Midtown Manhattan). And you can take the FREE bus service that NY Waterway provides to locations in Midtown. Nice!

Do you know how LONG my commute will be??! I’m thinking at least 2 days. The shuttle to Weekhawken will at least take 25-30 mins (in traffic), the ferry ride is 6 minutes and then the NY Waterway bus ride to my office at W. 50th and 6th is probably another 15 minutes. These are all ideal times. Of course, a 45 minute ideal commute can easily turn into an hour and a half (on a good day!). BUT I have to at least try it, right? Especially if it’s FREE! And with the rumors that the Montclair-Boonton line won’t be up and running until at least December, it will save me a few bucks. So I’ll give it a shot on Monday and let you know how it goes.

Safe travels, everyone!


One response to “Thanks, Governor!

  1. Did this one yesterday (Monday Nov 12th) @9AM and 6PM. Accident in the AM ran this to 2hrs for a morning commute to midtown using all the pieces bus, ferry, shuttle. Rode the bus from Bay Street (7 people on the bus) down Bloomfield to Glen-Ridge and over to Bloomfield station stops. Ferry ride was the smoothest part of the logistics, recommended BUT if route 3 is backed up to the Lincoln tunnel … it can run long as noted.

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